IPX Logistics Warehouse

IPX Fiber Supply & Logistics Warehouse

IPX will utilize state of the art technologies to manage the ICBN Fiber Resources

System Integration


Anixter’s Rapid Fire Inventory Control and Replenishment System

eAnixter Order Entry, Shipping & Tracking, Bill of Materials Management

Technology Extensions

ESRI ArcGIS Systems – Facilities Management Extensions – Conduit & Fiber, Fiber Service Analysis, Field Data Collection
SAP Integrated Accounting Systems

IPX - Anixter

IPX has chosen Anixter to partner with and deliver state of the art software called Rapid Fire SM to the ICBN Project

  •  Since 1967, with over 7,900 employees and 100,000 customers in 50 countries, Anixter’s revenues exceeded $5.5 billion in 2010.

  • The Rapid Fire is a Inventory Control and Replenishment System will reduce time, effort and save money , while managing inventory.

  • Quick and easy bar code scanning provides electronic tracking of product inventory.

  • Rapid Fire is Web-based, allowing you to access on-hand inventory balances, part numbers, descriptions, supplier numbers and stocking locations.

  • IPX & ICBN can manage all of these functions from the factory floor, job site, store room, delivery vehicle or anywhere else in our facility.

eANIXTER software

eANIXTER software will enable the ICBN project to access timely information to minimize time and effort spent on key aspects of the procurement cycle. Functions include:

Order Tracking

  • Confirm order shipments quickly
  • Link to carrier web sites for tracking information and proof of delivery
  • Check your order status… anytime, anywhere

Order Entry

  • Purchase orders from an established contract … anytime, anywhere
  • Purchase specified cable reel lengths 
  • Create a Bill of Materials list
  • Request a Quote or assistance

View Reports

  • Open Invoices
  • Open Line Items
  • Stock Management

These powerful on-line tools will enable IPX and ICBN to efficiently service the project

Field Data Collections

– Database Links for Serial #’s
– Inspection Points
– Splice Points
– Digital Site Surveys

ARCHPAD – Remote data display & Data Collection tool

– Allow ICBN Fiber Contractors to denote project details –like serial #’s
– Provide Digital Data to companies not able to deliver this for themselves
– Keep Progress Reports and Fiber Information Online
– Share this data with all PMO, field project managers and field contractors

Locate and Map Underground Utilities with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

IPX can provide services for the designation of subsurface utilities. With Mobile Units IPX can quickly identify and mark the location and depth of service utilities – gas, communications, sewer lines – and other metallic and non-metallic targets including underground storage tanks and PVC pipes.

Typical Uses
• Utility detection – metallic and non-metallic
• Environmental remediation
• Damage prevention
• Fiber Conduit inspection
• Geological investigation

ICBN Benefits

The ICBN IPX Fiber Supply

  • Merge County GIS Data where available to the ICBN Project

  • Enter all proposed Fiber Routes into GIS System

  • Create Central Operational Database

  • Merge & Automate Bill of Materials with Job Quote Form Numbers

  • Create Interface to Field Contractors to enter Fiber Details to support Reporting

  • Deliver timely reports to the ICBN PMO
  • Provide Training Room and Map Room to Fiber Contractors in Warehouse
  • Decrease or eliminate mistakes and omissions to the Fiber Project

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