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IPX TELECOM is a global specialist in the provision of Fiber, VSAT, Voice Services, and Broadband Networks

End-to-end voice, data and telecommunication services anywhere

IPX - Telecommunication

  • IPXCOM since 1996 provided Voice Over IP Services that really worked. Baku to London to Houston, Iraq, Africa, Far East – crystal clear VOIP via satellite
  • Voice and Minutes LD Calling for Microsoft Teams, Call Centers and Call Terminations
  • Lawful Intercept and Content Filtering
  • IPXCOM is a global specialist in the provision of Fiber, VSAT and Broadband Networks
  • IPXNOC is a 24x7x365 Support Portal for Global and Domestic Projects

In addition IPX provides secure communications and various solutions for law enforcement, homeland security and government agencies.

Our mission is to be a trusted partner enabling clients to deal with constantly-developing global electronic communications, both safeguarding against threats and accessing new sources of information.

With a very experienced and respected management team and strong system engineering capability, we are able to offer clients products and solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Intelligence Gathering and Threat Assessment

  • IPX can safeguard the enterprise with the latest in Threat Assessment technologies.
  • IPX offers the latest and cost effective solutions for Lawful Intercept that delivers expertise and data collection within Cellular, Internet & IP interception and tactical surveillance.
  • Our unified approach to intelligence gathering offers a range of leading-edge tactical and strategic systems and solutions for the collection of fixed line and cellular voice, SMS/MMS, Fax, Modem, IP traffic and metadata including IMSI/IMEI.

Secure Communications

We offer a host of systems and solutions for the provision of Secure Communications including:

  • PBX & Cell Phone Encryption technologies
  • The control of Internet usage and deployment of private fiber and VSAT communication networks
  • Firewall technology capability for real-time deep IP packet inspection and blocking/filtering of suspect traffic


Based on our in-house core capability and team we are able to offer Government, and Corporate clients the following range of services:

  • Modular Data Centers installed and hosted for Lawful Intercept and Threat Assessment Technologies
  • Training and support for advanced detection and investigation capabilities for threat practitioners
  • Transition and technology transfer for Lawful Intercept to full utilization and also provide over flow services as a consulting model

LD Minutes and Global Phone Numbers - Connect to the largest and highest quality independent network

Deliver an optimal customer experience every time with voice services, giving you high grade connections and scalability. We have flexible solutions to fit all your needs. Our dedicated support team, intuitive tools and powerful APIs provide you the best resources to power your business’ success.

Local and Long Distance

  • A-to-Z terminations with global accessibility and active fraud monitoring

International Voice

  • Bridging you to the largest all-IP voice network with an unparalleled on-net footprint and extensive direct connections

Toll-Free Service

  • IPX’s premium network offers a convenient way to reach your clients domestic and globally.

Power your business with a partner devoted to your success.

We have seasoned communications professionals with a wealth of knowledge to support you. Wherever you are in your move to the cloud — whether you’re a startup needing a complete turn-key communications platform or looking to migrate your current platform to the cloud — we’ll help you through your transition and beyond.

Altigen Core Interact, VOIP PBX Systems, Call Centers, 911, Call Termination, Lawful Intercept, Microsoft Teams 

IPXCOM Lawful Intercept - Government Security Solutions for Lawful Intercept and Content Filtering

  • Solutions for countering the evolving threats to mission critical government networks and critical infrastructure
  • Government networks and critical infrastructure around the world are under a constant state of attack.
  • The nature of the threats, evolve on a daily basis as hacktivists, nation states, terrorists, and cyber criminals
  • Targets are the people, processes and technologies that make up the Government and its population base
  • These threats are bypassing standard cyber defenses via encryption, the Dark Web and other easy tools
  • These IPX solution requires highly trained people and a robust suite of solutions for security
  • IPX delivers Threat Intelligence and Lawful Intercept Systems as a robust filtering and monitoring of Internet activities
  • IPX partners with leading companies who deliver and train host governments and provide over flow consulting service so that these technologies are put into use immediately.

IPXCOM Lawful Intercept Solutions

  • Lawful interception (LI) refers to the facilities in telecommunications and telephone networks that allow law enforcement agencies with court order or other legal authorization to selectively wiretap individual subscribers.
  • Most countries require licensed telecommunications operators to provide their networks with Legal Interception gateways and nodes for the interception of communications. The interfaces of these gateways have been standardized by telecommunication standardization organizations.
  • IPX LI Team, will deliver Lawful Interception via Data Centers located on the main Fiber entry points to secure country data flows.
  • IPX will provide disk farms and arrays to store ‘metadata’ (who called who, when, and where from) for up to a year, in addition Somaliland can store information about their target user’s internet browsing histories for a year.
  • Services differs from the dragnet-type mass surveillance sometimes done by intelligence agencies, where all data passing a fiber-optic splice or other collection point is extracted for storage or filtering.
  • It is also separate from the data retention of metadata that has become a legal requirement in some jurisdictions.


  • Terrorists and criminals use free tools and the Web, to deliver messages to accomplices via strong end-to-end encryption.
  • The threat is very real because terrorists, “…will easily take advantage of widely available, free encryption technology, mobile-messaging applications, the dark web, and virtual environments to pursue their objectives
  • Hackers and Cyber Criminals attack foreign governments regularly and are able to probe targets ahead of threats
  • Criminals and terrorists rely on mobile phones, tablets, lap tops and computers equipped with universal end-to-end encryption to hide their activity. Their secret communications and encrypted files can be critical to investigating, preventing and prosecuting crime.
  • IPX can provide law enforcement an effective, easy-to-use solution set to combat various levels of these problems.

Evolve Detection As Rapidly As Your Attackers

  • Your adversaries are constantly changing. Your detection and investigation capabilities must evolve just as quickly.
  • Every day, IT Departments respond to the world’s most critical security breaches and do this at a distinct disadvantage.
  • IPX can leverage 11 million end points around the world, as part of the security umbrella detecting the most dangerous Dark Web attacks and Security threats.
  • IPX brings over 200,000 hours of active experience and modern responses via a dedicated team of data scientists and security researchers. IPX leverages this front-line experience to create comprehensive manpower consulting solutions, that bring detection rules, behavioral analytics and guided investigations to ensure you can detect the latest threats.
  • Upon discovering malicious activity, this experienced team, generates alerts enriched with threat intelligence and attacker context to expedite validating and scoping the incident and then blocking the threats. In essence a online history of detection and solution.

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